steel structures Cologne

Protection and security through - steel structures Cologne from WHM!
Protection and security are at the forefront in the installation of steel structures Cologne. Works with these steel structures Cologne can be quickly and shapely design and secure.
Steel structures Cologne - Brackets for glass applications.
Steel structures Cologne - Holders for advertising banners.
Steel structures Cologne - guard - gable cover.
Steel structures Cologne - fence elements.
Whether outside or inside - the power spectrum of WHM includes all metal work in steel, stainless steel and Aluminium. All projects are planned by planning to Monntage by our specialists and executed. All products are available in steel (galvanized), stainless steel and powder-coated.

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In this gallery you can see a sample of our work.
We are your company for individual metal design in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
We've got you in every way.
Against weathering, high water, fire - but also burglary.
Our solid steel - works to protect you and your property against burglary, theft, looting, robbery, property offenses, robbery.
Steel structures Cologne are the best defense, protection, defense against burglary and property crimes. Even so-called trivial offenses, such as the mere removal, misuse, Mauserei, damage or theft of your designs (eg flower boxes - especially in inner cities by itinerant drunkards) can be made ??more difficult by our massive and stable construction or protective gratings and are prevented by means of a reliable fastening by our qualified specialist metalwork craftsmen.
Secure your property now with WHM Metal Heckner, Cologne.
We also meet more individual claims.
Such as steel structures for stages, platforms, catwalks and
disabled transitions.
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