stairs Cologne

The right way up - stairs Cologne from WHM!
Stairs Cologne not only have practical function of "Up" and "Down" - they are also a means of design and can fit into an architecture or an accent. Whether outside or inside, in steel and stainless steel or aluminum - also in combination with glass and wood: We take you to the beautiful and safe way up and down - with the highest precision and quality manufactured and assembled.
Stairs Cologne - spiral staircase outside.
Stairs Cologne - spiral staircase outside - close up.
Stairs Cologne - corner steps outside.
Stairs Cologne - spiral staircase outside with steel frame.

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In this gallery you can see a sample of our work.
In addition to the production of simple stairs Cologne, we are specialist for individual special requests, custom-made and custom-made for our customers.
Pedestal, base, stairs Cologne paragraph, terrace, stainless steel - base, base, Paragraph, rise, slope, Relay, steps, stairs, climb any form of "Up" and "Down" is professionally and specifically weatherproof from our skilled workers in metal Cologne for you and produces tasty. And team
WHM Wolfgang Heckner, Cologne
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