Press TOP MAGAZINE Cologne 2006 Balkonbau railing WHM Metal Heckner from Cologne

Especially for the modern Balkonbau and railing offers the WHM innovative design ideas.

Often the good is so close ... Fewer and fewer tourists are drawn to the holiday season in the distance. Instead of arguing on crowded beaches to the last place in the sun, it attract many people before now, to spend free time in your own home. Staycation - a popular and financially lucrative alternative. Bad only when there is no balcony for sunbathing.
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Fire escape and steel structure - the Cologne City projects the WHM: The fire escape system at the Hotel Hopper, Dagobertstraße (top left) and the complete steel structure at the Kaufhof-storey car park (below right). Whether inside or outside: Design Options for the modern railings and stairs (top and bottom center, bottom left). Canopies and security doors: The WHM supplies in all sizes and DIN specifications (top right).
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