Metal Cologne

Modern Metal Cologne can fulfill long cherished dreams - Metal Cologne by WHM
through flexible design options of the metal Cologne we can respond to your personal needs. For renovations, simple Verschönnerungen or proper security measures, we develop practical approaches.
Metal Cologne - Cologne individual metal construction for protection on floors.
Metal Cologne - metal substructure.
Metal Cologne - lattice and penetration protection.
Metal Cologne - custom railing safety on balconies.
Umproblematisch can be our


adjust the structural conditions of your building or your property. Especially for the old building sector, the metal Cologne manner is a solution that creates the space for new, invigorating ways.

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As a modern metal Cologne company, which is available with the latest know-how and a well trained team of skilled workers and qualified craftsmen with advice and assistance, we manufacture everything for you, which can be constructed of metal. From the smallest repair to large, elaborate metal Cologne - designs, we offer our customers everything around the various metals.

We not only serve customers in and around the metropolitan area of Cologne. These include the City of Bonn, the Rhine-Sieg-Kreis, Dusseldorf and the Ruhr Area. We also operate nationwide. Precision and punctuality go without saying.

Do you still have old doors, the fire police perspective must be replaced with fire doors? Our fire doors ensure appropriate and visually appealing your property.

WHM Metal Heckner Cologne
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